The Music Industry Further Shifts to NFTs

3 min readAug 20, 2021


As NFTs continue breaching the mainstream world, more and more platforms centered around music and non-fungible tokens keep emerging; strongly supporting the notion that a blockchain-based music marketplace powered by NFTs should be the modern standard.

This past week for instance, two new NFT platforms were announced dedicated to the music scene. Undoubtedly inspired by the success of MozikNFT, their focus is centered around breaking down barriers and using low-energy NFTs — two aspects at which MozikNFT succeeds and excels at.

In addition to those points, MozikNFT also has been around for 5 years, and in that long period of time we’ve explored, observed and gathered knowledge and data that these new and emerging platforms currently lack.

Money keeps flowing into such projects

Tens of millions of dollars are being invested and poured into such projects as the decline of traditional music marketplaces and platforms appears on the distant horizon. While the implications of such ventures are nothing but positive for the industry, it further strengthens our stance, especially considering how ahead MozikNFT has been from all of this.

The Masterminds of Hip Hop NFT Collection announced

A collection featuring rare recordings and artworks from the pioneers of the rap genre was made available for preview on August 14, and is set to go on sale on the 31st of the same month. It features artists the likes of Chuck D, Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte and many more, and has been curated by the founder of Def Jam Records Russell Simmons, as well as the legend himself, Snoop Dogg.

And now for your entertainment… Rocks!

A series of NFT-based rocks have begun to trend on the internet, which have been seeing sales numbers that exceed the $100,000 mark.

These simple-looking pieces of rocks called Ether Rocks are found on the Ethereum network, and are now an ongoing craze among collectors. As of writing, Rock ID 62 for instance is worth a staggering 103.5 ETH, which is around $315,935!

The Takeaway

The realm of NFTs keeps growing, and the musical region of this world is no different. These latest developments only stand to reaffirm what MozikNFT has realized and known for a while, and the emergence of its copies and imitations only complement our platform and the work we’ve accomplished throughout all these years.




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