The Listing of $MOZ on 1inch will Improve Liquidity and Trading Experience for the Community

MozikNFT has been revolutionizing the music world by injecting NFT innovations into the space. It has continuously partnered with other leaders in the blockchain and music world to drive massive adoption of its use cases. Regularly, Mozik has blessed community members with news of recent development that the project has faced. Mozik recently released its Android App, which has been a hit among $MOZ holders.

A much-anticipated announcement, $MOZ is now available on 1inch.

1inch is a reputable DEX aggregator solution for traders to access awesome deals across multiple platforms. It scrapes a handful of decentralized exchanges for the cheapest prices of $MOZ and reroutes its customers’ trades between them to try and ensure that they’re getting the best prices.

$MOZ is live for trading on 1inch, thereby allowing community members to easily buy and trade their tokens there.

MOZ (ETH) Token Address: 0x7bd82b320ebc28d8eb3c4f5fa2af7b14da5b90c3

MOZ (BSC) Token Address: 0xe4b22193d68f18f8e8eb3a26f4d64cb6d4573022

The swapping process on the 1inch network is as easy as reciting the alphabet. As time goes on, Mozik intends to release news concerning more listings, innovations and much more.

About 1inch Network

1inch is a distributed network for decentralized protocols enabling the most lucrative, fastest and protected operations in DeFi.

How do DEX Aggregators Like 1inch Work?

The initial protocol of the 1inch Network is a DEX aggregator solution that searches deals across multiple liquidity sources, offering users better rates than any individual exchange.

This protocol incorporates the Pathfinder algorithm which finds the best paths among different markets over 50+ liquidity sources on Ethereum, 20+ liquidity sources on Binance Smart Chain and 7+ liquidity sources on Polygon. In less than two years the 1inch DEX aggregator surpassed $40B in overall volume. The 1inch Aggregation Protocol facilitates cost-efficient and secure swap transactions across multiple liquidity sources.

The 1inch Liquidity Protocol is a next-generation automated market maker that protects users from front-running attacks and offers attractive opportunities to liquidity providers. The 1inch Limit Order Protocol facilitates the most innovative and flexible limit order swap opportunities in DeFi. The protocol’s features, such as dynamic pricing, conditional orders and extra RFQ support, power various implementations, including stop-loss and trailing stop orders, as well as auctions.

About MozikNFT

MozikNFT is a decentralized music NFT platform aiming to build a healthier and fairer music ecosystem. Through the decentralized NFT platform, Mozik adopts blockchain technology to register earnings through music copyright, super-star IP, and IP derivatives on-chain. All the participants in the music ecosystem, including creators, publishers, customers, and fans can fairly participate. Through Mozik’s platform, artists will be incentivized to create more and better quality music. With lowered publishing costs and higher engagement from music fans, all participants can share in the rewards, and create a healthier and fairer music ecosystem.

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MOZIK is a decentralized music NFT platform aims to build a healthier and fairer music economy ecosystem.