Mozik Introduces Celebrity NFT Assets — Celebrities That Are Already Embracing NFT Technology

4 min readJun 24, 2021

MOZIK is injecting a spark of life into the music industry by incorporating NFT technology. With MOZIK, celebrities and creators will be able to churn out three kinds of music-related assets, which are celebrity NFT assets, music NFT rights, and fan traffic assets.

What is Celebrity NFT Asset

Fans are interested in getting memorabilia linked to their favorite musician like autographs. With celebrity NFT assets, it is easy for musicians to create branded NFTs for their fans. They can encode important data on the NFTs like autographs, singing moments and even celebrity cards, then sell them to their fans on MOZIK. This is another stream of revenue for music artists. Bonding with their fans is quite easy when the fans have memorabilia with them.

Celebrities That Are Jumping Into The NFT Pool

The coming of the NFT technology and how innovative it is has created a buzz on the internet and social media. Celebrities are realizing how useful they are to them, forcing them to dip their toes into the warm waters of this innovative technology. We will look at some celebrities that have been bitten by the NFT bug.

  • Eminem

Eminem is one of the most popular rappers alive with a massive amount of followers globally. When Eminem announced that he had embraced NFT technology, it created a buzz on Twitter. He released his Shady Con NFTs, which had collectibles that were linked to him, such as original music, trading cards, comic books, as well as action figures. The NFT brought in close to US$1.8 million.

• Grimes

This musician earned over US$6 million worth from selling NFT artworks. She made the WarNymph collection, which was bought within thirty minutes of the sales.

• Kings of Leon

The Kings of Leon, an American rock band, decided to do something different. They released their album, When You See Yourself as an NFT, which earned them US$2 million. Those that bought the album have access to front row concert tickets, moving album covers, and so on.

• Shawn Mendes

This popular musician decided to create one-of-a-kind NFT artworks that possessed Mendes’s famous possessions like his gold ring, signature Fender guitar, and the embellished vest. Everything was done for a charitable cause.

• Snoop Dogg

This list would not have been complete if Snoop Dogg was not on it. Snoop Dogg joined the team of musicians that had been bitten by the NFT big by creating an NFT collection called, A Journey with the Dogg. The NFT contains fond memories of Snoop in his early years as a rapper. Some parts of the money raised were earmarked to the Youth Football League run by Snoop and to young, emerging crypto artists.

MOZIK offers celebrities the ability to mint NFTs and sell them to their fans in our marketplace.

About Mozik

Mozik is a decentralized music NFT platform aiming to build a healthier and fairer music ecosystem. Through the decentralized NFT platform, Mozik adopts blockchain technology to register earnings through music copyright, super-star IP, and IP derivatives on-chain. All the participants in the music ecosystem, including creators, publishers, customers, and fans can fairly participate. Through Mozik’s platform, artists will be incentivized to create more and better quality music. With lowered publishing cost and higher engagement from music fans, all participants can share in the rewards, and create a healthier and fairer music ecosystem.

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MOZIK is a decentralized music NFT platform aims to build a healthier and fairer music economy ecosystem.