Metaverse Events: Concerts of the Future?

3 min readApr 14, 2022


With the rise of the Metaverse, we are witnessing more and more events pop up in virtual worlds. The pandemic forced many people to work from home — where possible — and saw the temporary closure of clubs, halls, theatres, and concerts. This in turn gave rise to virtual concerts which have not died down even as lockdowns ease around the world.

So why are people choosing to party in the Metaverse?

Well, chances are because it’s convenient, cheap, fast, and limitless. Ever wondered why video games took off the way they did? There are plenty of parallels between the two industries, and if history is any indication, there is a lot more to expect from the Metaverse.

Physical concerts can be a hassle; fears of Covid-19 aside, they often include waiting in line for sometimes hours, and with no sitting options throughout the evening in most cases! From being tightly packed in a crowd full of strangers to safety hazards and potential accidents, these shows may not be for every music enjoyer.

This isn’t to mention how loud the music can be, which makes concerts inaccessible to those with sensitive hearing. And speaking of accessibility, those with disabilities often find a difficult time trying to navigate, stay and enjoy the show.

Lastly, physical concerts are geo-restricted — meaning you’d have to be physically present to attend. Unless the show is live, people living far away or abroad will have to spend absurd amounts of money to attend the show. Those living in impoverished countries have it even worse, as the chances of their favorite artist performing locally are almost nonexistent.

Concerts of the future — are they here?

Imagine a concert being hosted in the Metaverse. Since the space is virtually infinite, the digital venue can hold more guests than physical stadiums, ensuring everyone can attend and that nobody mass-purchases tickets to sell on the black market.

Tickets are represented as NFTs, and with a near-instant confirmation, users are let into the arena to see their favorite artist perform. No waiting in line with an aching back and knees, no being crammed among people you don’t know, no threat to physical safety…

And afterward? The possibilities are endless!

Users can have the option to mint the show as an NFT and sell it on a music NFT marketplace such as MozikNFT. They can make special requests by having access to premium NFT tickets, or appear on stage and perform with the artists! Backstage pass NFTs can allow virtual 1 on 1 meetups with superstars, allowing fans to meet their idols after the show!

We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what is possible in the Metaverse, and it seems the music scene is perfectly synergetic with this new and promising reality. It is up to artists and their creativity to bring color, style, and personality to these worlds, as well as experiences we cannot fathom taking place in our physical space.

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