Highly Anticipated MozikNFT Web Platform will go Live in Mid-August

MozikNFT, a trendsetter in the Music NFT ecosystem, will launch its (V1.0.0) web platform in Mid August. MozikNFT’s creation started with the dream to solve the issues noticed in the music industry and create innovative ways for every stakeholder, from the artist to the fans, to easily benefit from the out-of-the-box functionalities that MozikNFT offers.

A few weeks ago, MozikNFT launched its Android mobile app, which was celebrated by many stakeholders in the music realm because of the innovations and use cases the app offered. The team behind MozikNFT has not been resting, as it will launch its NFT web platform that offers its users a top-notch experience in the music NFT space. Everything about the web platform is designed with the users in mind, thereby offering artists clever ways to monetize their products.

What to Expect in the MozikNFT Web Platform?

Not minding that this is the first version of the web platform, MozikNFT’s team plugged it with innovations that will blow your mind.

Intuitive Landing Page

A great landing page should communicate the overall purpose of a web platform seamlessly to visitors. MozikNFT’s V1 web platform ticks all the boxes in that aspect.

Supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and 721 Standard

Binance Smart Chain comes with low transaction fees, quick speed, and high scalability. Mozik did not only settle for the Ethereum chain, it decided to take it up a notch by offering the NFT ecosystem on BSC. Users can enjoy the best of both worlds- Ethereum and BSC. Mozik supports the best of both worlds, BSC, and Ethereum. It uses the ERC-721 standard for NFTs.

Connect to Wallet

Connecting one’s wallet to MozikNFT web platform is easy. There are options for several wallets on the platform like Metamask, Trust Wallet, SafePal, WalletConnect, Math Wallet, Token Pocket, and ONTO Wallet. As time goes on, Mozik will usher in more wallet options.

Allows artists to upload their NFTs to MozikNFT marketplace

Every artist has access to the seamless tools to upload their NFTs on MozikNFT marketplace to sell them to their fans. MozikNFT marketplace is ushering in an alternative stream of income to artists all over the world. They can sell their NFTs and even interact with their fans.

Take a Journey and Explore Every Asset

With the launch of MozikNFT web platform, music lovers and Mozik users can easily access a list of all the assets that are listed on Mozik. Fans can search for the music NFTs of their favorite music artists without stressing themselves. The team paid attention to the UX structure of the web platform while creating it to offer users the seamless experience they deserve.

Searching for NFT assets and artists is a walk in the park on the NFT web platform. Users do not have to possess an in-depth understanding of the NFT or blockchain world before they can find the NFT assets or artists that they crave. Everything is designed to be easy to find, understand and buy. MozikNFT also support and follow favorite assets and artists

Access to my Assets After Publishing Assets

The web platform allows artists to easily view their assets after they have published them on MozikNFT. An artist can keep a track of their published assets, sales, and other necessary information on the web platform.

Access to Historical Transaction Records

For those users that want to get a glance at their historical transaction record, they can do this with a few clicks of the mouse. Every transaction that a user enters into is documented on the web platform and can be accessed at any time.

The Future

Mozik’s team will continuously revise the web platform to add new functions, revamp existing ones and handle the suggestions that stream in from community members. The team has the best of hands with experience in music, NFTs, blockchain technology, UI/UX design and much more working tirelessly to satisfy the needs of community members.

About Mozik

Mozik is a decentralized music NFT platform aiming to build a healthier and fairer music ecosystem. Through the decentralized NFT platform, Mozik adopts blockchain technology to register earnings through music copyright, super-star IP, and IP derivatives on-chain. All the participants in the music ecosystem, including creators, publishers, customers, and fans can fairly participate. Through Mozik’s platform, artists will be incentivized to create more and better quality music. With lowered publishing costs and higher engagement from music fans, all participants can share in the rewards, and create a healthier and fairer music ecosystem.

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MOZIK is a decentralized music NFT platform aims to build a healthier and fairer music economy ecosystem.