Cadenza: Enriching Music NFTs

A lot of similarities can be drawn between the world of music and that of blockchain. They both create an illusion in some sense, bear elements of freedom, equality, chaos and harmony; yet as mystical as they may appear, are real and understandable, and can be experienced both on a practical level, and on a deeper, more meaningful one.

The magic of music lies not in the direct portrayal of images, but in placing the mind in the created emotions, i.e. creating the atmosphere in which one can immerse in, and create a stream of thoughts in accordance with the music that is flowing in their head.

As Albert Einstein said,

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”

Perception is an aspect of consciousness that has been pondered about for centuries; it is because our experiences differ so vastly that no two people can truly perceive the same message in the exact same way. Since music is a form of expression — while the intended feelings are correctly perceived to a certain degree — the same note, chord, rhythm or any other musical aspect can ring differently across different people, evoking different emotions.

Therefore everything found within our world, both abstract and tangible can be expressed in billions of different ways; and music, being a rich medium of expression, is thus subject to a seemingly infinite number of combinations that collectively convey the entire human experience.

Introducing Cadenza

Cadenza is an NFT collection that selects music from all over the world, breaks them up into fragments, and combines them randomly through algorithms. While there are other programs that function similarly, few incorporate NFTs into this process.

Randomness is a popular aspect of NFT collections. Such protocols can generate some very unique combinations with interesting elements that grow to become prized and beloved pieces in the eyes of collectors.

What does Cadenza truly mean for MozikNFT?

Cadenza users have the chance to stumble across some very unique pieces of music that they’ve never heard before. They may witness a clash of styles, contrasting covers of the same original piece, a blend of genres and entire new worlds of possibilities that can expand their imaginations and widen their view of music.

Such a force of randomness serves to inspire ambitious, aspiring and creative minds to in turn create something new, daring and innovative. Our world, and the universe beyond it, is full of randomness and order, and both elements have been an inspiration for art since mankind took its first creative steps; but what makes randomness the ideal nutrient of creativity is how it can sometimes mimic its orderly counterpart despite having no common starting points.

If Cadenza can inspire MozikNFT artists to venture into new creative territories, then it undoubtedly serves to enrich Mozik’s ecosystem of music, both in quality and quantity.

About MozikNFT

Mozik is a decentralized music NFT platform aiming to build a healthier and fairer music ecosystem. Through the decentralized NFT platform, Mozik adopts blockchain technology to register earnings through music copyright, super-star IP, and IP derivatives on-chain. All the participants in the music ecosystem, including creators, publishers, customers, and fans can fairly participate. Through Mozik’s platform, artists will be incentivized to create more and better quality music. With lowered publishing costs and higher engagement from music fans, all participants can share in the rewards, and create a healthier and fairer music ecosystem.

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MOZIK is a decentralized music NFT platform aims to build a healthier and fairer music economy ecosystem.

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MOZIK is a decentralized music NFT platform aims to build a healthier and fairer music economy ecosystem.

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